It’s October. Halloween is coming

Are you ready cause I am 

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Yes, this really did happen
Riding a segway in the Bahamas in the rain, just one of the many things I did over the course of the week |8 

Also, heeeyyyy I’m back~ 
Now to remember how to draw….. 


Pate interrupts Creighton during TV News Interview.

meshgeroya asked:
IT'S DONE. 1000



Art Process Post

ALRIGHT I remember someone asked for an art process post from me, so I put together a something I8 I don’t know how helpful it might be though, but here we go

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Rickert would totally be a drug dealer haha. He would probably be the best in his town before being locked up but that won’t stop him. He’ll continue his business through his cell’s bars!!

…. Definitely didn’t draw modern Rickert in my clothes just to prove that I have the fashion sense of a teenage boy I8 Nope

Anonymous asked:
Can you make a drawing of Lautrec on my last video? "dark souls waltz for the moon" cz he look like a disney prince and i love it to see him by you on that way!! [ThePruld] (sry bad english....)

OH MAN! Lucky for you, I was already planning to do it anyway, haha, he’s so handsome *__* Don’t worry, I’ll definitely get to it. 


Just hit a follower milestone and I said I’d make a second follow forever for it, so here I am. Thank you to everyone that’s following me and everyone I’m following for making tumblr a pretty cool experience. Just a heads up I know I’m going to forget people, so yeah, if you’re not on here I might have just forgotten.

Bolded are people I consider friends, special thanks to all you fuckbois 

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*__* Thank you, what a great honor~

I’ll try not to let you down!

bucketfoot asked:
Because of your art I now ship Creighton and Pate in a romantic relationship. I call it Creight (pronounced: crate)

G O O D 

Not that there’s anything remotely romantic about the two, but god, hateships are so fun. I call it Peighton, but Crate is completely hilarious