I have a soft spot for crestfallen warrior 

the-domhnall-of-zena asked:
All these knights getting angry at each other, they don't even have half the deals I have, don't even sell armor.

Isn’t that what makes it so great though? Leave them to the fighting while we sit in the back and watch in amusement I8 

Creighton gets a new mask

You better get ready to run, cause here we come

I have to offer a painting to the painting gods every once in a while

I feel like Lautrec and Darkmoon Knightess would have some pretty interesting character interactions 

Sinner and punisher of the guilty, Firekeeper killer and firekeeper, gold armor, both are (probably) from Carim…. They would just try to kill each other all the time

Anonymous asked:
You know, i really loved the drawing you maded about the DSmisadventures, i really wish to thank you and if you agree, i wish to show it in one of my next video. Send me a mail at pruld@hotmail,it cz i wish to ask you another image (if you agree), your stile is very cool!!

Email sent! I’d be happy to do a another drawing for you (:



Be more adorable Creighton


SO let me introduce you to my favorite Dark Souls video 

It’s actually super hilarious and the editing is ridiculously good so WATCH IT (don’t forget to turn on the captions)